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Abianga the Balanced Dosha

Initial Consultation

2 hours, $150
Complete comprehensive exam detailing diet, lifestyle and individual health concerns. Includes an hour long follow up appointment with written explanation of doshic constitution and imbalances with detailed step-by-step recommendations and long term treatment plan.

Follow-up Consult

60 minutes $50
As you integrate Ayurveda into your daily life and build your personal “toolbox”, follow ups help you gain more understanding and guide you in your progress.

Warm Herbal Oil Treatment - Abhyanga

90 minutes $120
This warm herbal oil treatment is a combination of choreographed strokes and intuitive movements that are designed to bring nourishment to the tissues, clearing of lymph, deep relaxation to the muscles and calmness to the mind. Because each body type is unique, the oil combinations are blended with specific herbs to meet your individual needs.

Deep Relaxation Treatment - Shirodara

60 minutes $90
Shirodara is a simple, yet profound treatment that works specifically on balancing and stabilizing the activity of the mind. Warm, herbal infused oil is beautifully streamed over the Ajna chakra, or third eye, taking the participant on a journey deep within. Shirodara is highly effective in normalizing sleep cycles and reducing both anxiety and insomnia.

Steam Tent Treatment - Svedana

20 minutes $40
Follow your warm oil treatment with an exquisite herbal steam treatment that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and moisturized. Medicinal herbs like lavender, chamomile, peppermint, rose and bay leaf help clear the channels, relax muscles and nurtures the senses.

Bliss Therapy

2.5 hours $230
This complete therapy begins with an Abhyanga, followed by Shirodara and Svedana. These therapies combined take the mind, body and spirit on an inner journey which results in deep relaxation and mental purification.

Ayurvedic Basti Treatments

1 hour $65
Using this age-old oil treatment, a dough damn is placed on specific parts of the body and warm diffused ghee or oil allow herbs to penetrate into the cells for a deeply healing experience.

Netra Basti (Eyes)

This soothing treatment helps to remove irritation, restore moisture, enhances vision depth, eases allergy discomfort, nourishes the optic nerve and relaxes the whole body. Total body relaxation occurs because the optic nerve is so intimately connected to the central nervous system.

Kati Basti (Back)

Focusing on the lower back region, this treats lower back pain, SI joint disfunction, sciatica, pain in the lower limbs and relieves swelling and inflammation in the bones and soft tissues of the lower back.

Hrid Basti (Heart)

This treatment helps to relieve emotional stress by pulling out long-standing grief and repressed anger. It is also recommended for those suffering from physical heart problems such as irregular heartbeat as well as strengthening the cardiac muscles.